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While I don't believe that agility class lessons are for every dog, I do believe that many dogs LOVE it!  It is a fun sport to learn and is challenging physically and mentally for both the person and the dog. 

My favorite parts of teaching are watching dogs of all types have fun learning, increasing in skill and playing and having fun with their human, and watching the handlers learn and master new things! 

You can come try it out and just do one set of lessons, or you can get addicted like me and continue learning harder sequences and skills and go on to competing! 

You don't have to be the fastest or the best, just come try it out and have FUN together with your dog!

-Trish Giesbrecht - Owner and Trainer - PrairieDawgs Agility

Testimonials from our students...

“I have been taking agility courses with PrairieDawgs for a year. I started with a private lesson where Trish introduced Olive and I to some of the basics. We then enrolled in Level 1 class and we haven’t looked back.

Trish and Dan are very encouraging and knowledgeable. The class size allows for plenty of opportunities for practice and the facilities and equipment are great.

Learning agility with Olive is the highlight of my week. If you are considering agility, I highly recommend learning with PrairieDawgs.”

-Tanya & Olive

"Blue and I have been going to PrairieDawgs Agility for 10 months and we really look forward to our weekly class. Trish and Dan are so patient with both of us (especially me). It has been so rewarding to work with Blue, and see our communication and teamwork improve. He is exhausted after class, so much mental energy required. Blue and I look forward to seeing our classmates too. We learn from each other and laugh a lot. Lots of fun and some exercise too."

-Sheila & Blue

"I am so happy with how agility classes have improved Suki’s confidence and her trust in me. Trish and Dan work with each dog’s comfort level on different equipment, providing practical advice to help you become a better team. It’s a fun way to build a bond with your dog!"

-Nona & Suki

"Taking classes with PrairieDawgs Agility has been a very fun and rewarding experience. Trish & Dan get five stars from me for welcoming participants of all shapes, sizes, and breeds while being conscientious of everyone’s safety, and also for how they approach their training with patience, kindness, and positive encouragement – for the dogs and the humans! Hazel gets very excited to go to agility class, and it’s amazing to see the skills and confidence she has developed throughout the levels."

-Karlene & Hazel

"Tried agility for the first time last spring with my rescue Twizz. Can’t say enough good things about this activity! Twizz went from being afraid of everything, tail between the legs at anything new to running through the course with confidence and skill in a short time. Trish and Dan are great instructors. Classes are small. And it’s always more fun to be in the country."

-Joanne & Twizz

"Wow! Was not sure about taking both our dogs to agility but absolutely the best decision for both of them. They have both grown in their independence of each other and their self confidence around other dogs. Thank you Trish and Dan for providing such a welcoming, educational fun learning environment. You provide such positive, encouraging, feedback to both the dogs and owners. Our dogs are excited every time we come. Keep up the great work!"

- Ellen & Rona, Darrell & Kuro

"We LOVE going to agility every week because it's fun and relaxing. The greatest thing we have learned is how to communicate with each other using body language. Chestnut and Pearl are faster and more confident based on the trust we have built together, thanks to Trish and Dan's supportive coaching."

-Natasha & Chestnut & Pearl

"I look forward to our agility classes every week. I’m learning a lot about body language and cues, and Tucker gets more and more confident every week with challenges like the weaves and the teeter. Trish and Dan are very supportive and patient (with the dogs AND the humans) and our classes always feel like great opportunities to build trust and practice teamwork with my dog."

-Noelle & Tucker

"We started agility classes with Prairie Dawgs to have some fun and increase the human-animal bond while expending some of our puppy Shiloh’s extra energy. Since starting agility, we have seen Shiloh’s obedience and confidence flourish. Each week, Shiloh comes home tired and sleeps for the rest of the day. Trish and Dan have well-organized lesson plans that allow the dogs to think while using positive reinforcement and repetition to help concepts stick. The equipment is high quality that can be adjusted as needed for the level of the dogs. As you progress through the classes, things like the dog walk or teeter become competition configuration but your dog is already confident enough that it doesn’t phase them. I am really impressed with Prairie Dawgs Agility and would recommend them to everyone!!!"

-Dr. Jess, Corey & Shiloh

"Leo is a 2 year old Frenchton who we got as a puppy during COVID. He has always been very anxious around other dogs and new people. I was very leary about putting him in agility but after speaking with Dan about Leo’s issues decided to sign him up and this was the best decision I have ever made. He is a completely different dog. Agility has allowed Leo to burn off excess energy, build his confidence and focus his attention on specific goals, rather than his anxiety. In the beginning he wouldn’t take treats and tried running for the door every chance he got. Now he loves going to agility, he listens to my commands during class and even lets Trish and Dan get close to him! Introducing him to new people and other dogs was the best thing we could have done for him!"

-Tracy & Leo

"Mr. Mugz and I have completed 2 agility classes, and we are the least agile pair in the program. Mugz is of Basset Hound stature, and I am old. Nevertheless, Trish and Dan have been welcoming, encouraging, and patient. Our weekly class quickly became our favourite activity.  I think Mugz would have run the circuit for the entire hour. 

Trish and Dan are great teachers. As soon as we registered, they sent us emails with explicit instructions and expectations for the class, as well as directions and pictures with  for those of us who are ‘rurally challenged’. During the session, we received email updates and instructional videos that were so helpful. It was exciting to imagine what Mr. Mugs and I might learn."

- Koreen & Mr. Mugs

Mugs walk D23_edited.jpg
Weston frame D23.jpg

"If you want a safe, fun, positive experience, then PrairieDawgs is our place.  Trish and Dan are a great organized team, who team the love of agiity through their calm, encouraging, expert guidance.  My anxious daughter and our dog look forard to their classes every week.  My daughter's anxiety disappears and you see her joy training her dog, under their watchful and non-judgmental eyes.  They meet their students human and canine (lol) where they are and help them grow and learn together in a fun environment.  We have met a lot of great people and their dogs.  Myu daughter is so happy out there training with them.  We highly recommend Trish and Dan to anyone that wants to train agility in a positive way, since they always make you feel glad you came to class."

-Cheryl-Ann, Arwen & Weston

"Rudy has a lot of anxiety and I felt like I needed to expose him to as many new things as I possibly could. PrairieDawgs communicated  the benefits of agility and building confidence, I figured we had nothing to lose and SO much to gain! I’m so proud of Rudy, he’s getting more brave around the different obstacles and the environment. He seems to be having a lot of fun too! ❤️

Dan and Trish are EXTREMELY patient and offer so much positive feedback! I would highly recommend them!"

-Patti & Rudy

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