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Prairie Dawgs Agility


What is Agility?

Dog agility is a super fun and addicting activity where a person and a dog work through a course of obstacles such as jumps, ramps, tunnels, etc.  The human communicates with the dog to navigate the obstacles in a safe way.  Once the dog and handler team have practiced, you can enter into agility competitions where you complete in progressively harder courses.  There are several different organizations (AAC, NADAC, UKI, CKC, Hoopers) and lots of types of agility games to master.  In agility there is always more to learn, practice and improve!

Why agility?

Agility is:

  • fun!!!
  • great physical and mental activity for the dog
  • a way to develop and strengthen your relationship with your dog
  • fantastic confidence boost for shy and scared dogs

Who can do agility?

- A wide variety of people and dogs can successfully participate in agility.  

-Great for any breed or mixed breed, young or old dogs, small or big,

smart, athletic, energetic dogs, nervous or scared dogs, family pets, farm dogs, and couch potatoes too.

- As long as the dog is healthy, we have never found a dog yet that doesn't like agility!

- Children, families and seniors, and even people with different types of disabilities can all learn to develop their relationship with the dog and work together as a team navigating the obstacles.  

- Puppies can do foundation work, but should refrain from jumping and bending, so that their bodies can develop properly.  Dogs should be 6 months old (or older) to start in Level 1.

-If your dog is super excited about other dogs and would have a hard time focusing on you, especially if they would go after other dogs, then a private lesson would be the place to start to see if our class training would be a good fit.


Agility training Tip:

Any dog of any breed or mix and any age can love doing and be successful at agility as long as it is healthy!

We have worked with anything from Yorkies, Shih Tzus and Corgis, Collies, and Labs and mixes of everything in between.  Puppies, old dogs, farm dogs, Seniors and families!

All you need to be successful is a positive attitude ready to engage with your dog and ready to listen to instruction and learn.

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