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If you would be interested in adding one of our puppies to your family, we would first like you answer the questions below.  Our phone number and email information are on the CONTACT US page.

Puppy Questionnaire:

-You may answer these questions by phone or email (copy and paste into an email, then fill in the answers).

-The answers to these questions will not necessarily prohibit us from giving you a puppy, but rather we want to get to know you, for you to be aware of the commitment, and also to discuss these things. Please be honest!

1.Why do you want a dog?

2.Why are you wanting a Bernese?

3.Do you have the time commitment to house train, and raise your puppy to have good manners?

4.How are you planning on giving your dog daily exercise?

5.How much money do you anticipate it will cost you to keep your dog yearly?

6.Will you be giving your puppy vaccinations?

7.Will you be spaying or neutering the dog? Are you hoping to breed it?

8.  Do you have a preference of male or female, or no preference?

9.Is there anyone in your home with allergies to animals?

10.Will you be taking dog training classes, or how do you plan on training your dog?

11.How much time will you be spending with the dog per day?

12.What will you do with the dog when you are on holidays?

13.How much time will the dog be indoors/outdoors/in the kennel or dog run?

14.What kind of accommodations do you have for outdoors (tie out, dog run, fenced yard, etc)?

15.Are you willing to commit to this dog for the next 10-15 years? (consider job stability, housing, relationships, children, time involvement, other pets, etc.)

16.What types of traits or personality would you like your dog to have?

17.What traits and behaviours do you NOT want your dog to have?

18.Do you realize that a puppy will have exercise and training needs, and will test you and require a LOT of patience, especially during the first 3 years?

19.What kind of experience do you have with dogs?

20.Is everyone in your home wanting/willing to have this dog?

21.If you do not live in the area, how will you be getting your dog?

22.Anything else you want to let us know about?

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