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Our Dogs

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Female Bernese Mountain Dog

Male Bernese Mountain Dog


Female Bernedoodle


Female Leonberger

Female Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Female King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Our dogs live in the house with us, sleep with us and also enjoy daily supervised romps in our pasture and surrounding fields. Dan works from home as an online teacher, so he is blessed to be able to be home with them. Trish has a passion for teaching and training our dogs in obedience, tricks and agility. The kids love to cuddle and be with the dogs and also help in their care.


Training TIP:

Most dogs do well with positive reinforcement - trying to reward things they are doing correctly.  The two most important aspects of this are the timing of the reward, and also how valuable the reward is to the dog.  Dogs will much more willingly work, and will learn more quickly with a more highly valued reward.  For food treats, I recommend wieners, cheese curds, freeze dried treats, or Rollover.

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